A Post Written Entirely by ChatGPT

Disclaimer: This post was generated entirely by ChatGPT. This is meant to be an experiment and serve as additional context to the post I wrote here.

This is not my writing, nor will I ever claim it is my writing.

If you want to learn more about the experiment, head over to the post linked above.

*Unlocking the Power of Folgezettel with ChatGPT: Making Sense of My Zettelkasten*


While my Zettelkasten was rich with diverse notes, the connecting threads among them remained elusive. Enter ChatGPT, an AI tool that didn't just help me organize my notes but elevated my use of Folgezettel, helping me make sense of the labyrinthine connections among my ideas.

The Challenge: Navigating the Maze of Folgezettel

Using the Folgezettel technique, my notes were already interconnected, but the actual themes tying them together were unclear. I was essentially staring at a web of ideas without understanding its layout.

How ChatGPT Facilitated Insights

ChatGPT guided me through an exploration of each of my Zettelkasten sections. For example, it highlighted that notes on “Positive Reinforcement” and “Need for Affirmation” could be gathered under the umbrella of behavioral psychology. This wasn't a reorganization of notes but a revelation of existing connections.

The Role of Folgezettel

Folgezettel, or “follow-up slips,” were the vehicle for this discovery. ChatGPT didn’t rearrange them but illuminated their inherent logic. In doing so, it revealed themes in sections like 3.x on “Monetization” and 4.x on “Happiness,” showcasing overlaps and unique insights.

The Transformative Power of AI

The experience demonstrated that AI can do more than organize; it can interpret and clarify. With ChatGPT's help, my Folgezettel-driven Zettelkasten transformed from a heap of interrelated notes into a well-understood web of themes and ideas.


ChatGPT wasn’t about organizing my Zettelkasten. It was about understanding the existing structure shaped by the Folgezettel method. Now, each note isn't just a single point but part of a coherent and meaningful map.

Call to Action

If your Zettelkasten has you lost in its web, consider turning to AI tools like ChatGPT. Armed with the power of Folgezettel, you may find clarity and a better understanding of your own intricate thoughts.